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Helping a loved one struggling with prescription drug abuse is a noble cause. One thing we must remember is that, although recovery seems far away, it’s possible. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2008, Americans spent an average of $234.1 billion in prescribed drugs. Research has proven that prescription drug addiction can be treated because it’s a mental illness. Some of the most important elements to consider in the treatment of prescription drug addiction are detoxification, counseling and the use of addiction medications.

The two basic categories when treating prescription drug abuse are behavioral and pharmacologic. Treatment that focuses on behavior includes individual and group therapy, family counseling, and cognitive behavioral therapies. All these forms of treatment help the patient get ready to become a drug free member of society and also equip them with tools to cope with drug cravings or reduce the chances of relapse.

Prescription drug abuse such opioid addiction can be treated with meds. These medications can also be used to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, control drug cravings and treat overdoses.  The pharmacologic treatment might not work on its own. It needs to be combined with a behavioral approach in order to be effective.

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Prescription Opioid Treatment

There are some options available to treat opioid addiction.  Some medications such as Naltrexone, Methadone, and Buprenorphine, combined with counseling and support groups, have proven to be effective in the treatment of opioid addiction. Naltrexone, for example, has been used to treat overdose and addiction. Due to some patients showing lack of tolerance, its use has been limited. Methadone has also been used to treat withdrawal symptoms. They affect the brain like other opioids. This medication has been used to treat heroin addiction for many years.

Successful opioid treatment requires a long term commitment. Programs such as the 12 step program help the patient in the recovery process:

  • Individuals acknowledge their powerlessness to control their addiction
  • The user finds  a source of  strength
  • Past mistakes are examined with professional assistance
  • Patients make peace with past mistakes
  • Patients are taught  how to change their behavior and start a new life drug free
  • Recovering addicts reach out to other addicts
  • CNS Depressants Treatment

These are barbiturates and benzodiazepines (benzos). Patients addicted to these should not stop taking them without assistance. Withdrawal symptoms can be quite challenging and dangerous. Detox under medical supervision works best. Counseling is available in order for patients to understand the process.

Therapy that focuses on helping the patient’s way of thinking, and overall behavior, have also proven to be useful in helping patients quit CNS depressants. Sometimes some patients addicted to benzos are also addicted to other drugs, such as alcohol or cocaine. In that case, the approach should be a little different. The patient must be treated for multiple addictions.

Prescription Stimulants Treatment

According to the FDA, there are no medications approved for treating stimulant addiction. Some prescription stimulants, such as Adderall and Concerta, are used in behavioral therapies similar to the ones used in treating cocaine and methamphetamine addiction. Usually, the first step in treating this prescription drug abuse and addiction is tapering the drug’s dosage while helping ease the withdrawal symptoms. Detoxificationdrug abuse rehab therapy, and support groups are also available.

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