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Standing by helplessly while someone surrenders to drug addiction is difficult, but there are steps that can be taken to help them recover. A well-planned drug intervention may be able to help an addict ultimately understand how their addiction is affecting family members and friends and compel them to enter recovery. With an experienced addiction specialist to guide families through the steps, an intervention may be a positive experience that helps the addict enter residential treatment and get the help they need.

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The Planning Stage for an Intervention

In a confidential manner, speak to the family and friends that truly care for the individual suffering from addiction and explain the setting for the intervention. Ask them to write letters that they will read while participating in a family meeting composed of those who have been affected by the addict’s behavior.

The goal of the addiction intervention is to help the person with chemical dependency issues see through their denial and commit to treatment and recovery. Our highly trained addiction specialists can help plan a meaningful intervention that is designed to provide constructive and positive results.

Preparing for an Intervention

Before the actual scheduled intervention, friends and family should meet and discuss what they wish to say to him or her. Although it is a confrontation, words to the loved one in crisis should be positive and delivered with loving concern. The tone of the meeting is crucial and should be designed to urge the sufferer into rehabilitation and recovery. Our skilled addiction professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Meriden have the ability to guide family and friends through the process.

Take Action Through an Intervention

As each family member and friend expresses their feelings and experiences, it is important to remember that it is not about blame or shaming, but about caring for the individual. Loved ones should provide specific examples of destructive behaviors and how they have affected their relationship with the addict.

There should be a set plan in place, including types of treatment, guidelines and future goals. Honesty is the best policy; every person who speaks during the intervention process should have a list of what they will do or stop doing if the addict refuses treatment.

After the intervention is completed, the addict may be prepared to enter an alcohol treatment and drug rehabilitation center. If the intervention has been effective, it is important to get the addict into treatment as quickly as possible. Our compassionate staff and qualified professionals may escort them to a safe place that is prepared to help them begin the journey to recovery.

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