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Effects of Drug Abuse in Meriden, CT (203) 242-8266

The effects of drug abuse can have serious damaging effects on families. From loss of trust to a breakdown in the family dynamic, drug abuse slowly chips away at what once were healthy relationships. Parents, spouses, siblings, children and extended family members of someone suffering from drug abuse can feel a tremendous amount of stress and pressure.

Minimizing and eventually eliminating the effects of drug abuse is what rehabilitation centers like Drug Treatment Centers Meriden do best. Our Meriden, Connecticut drug rehab programs offer practical treatments for the effects of drug abuse, including detox, relapse prevention, and more.

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How Drug Abuse Effects Addicts and Families

Many addicts are in denial about their disease. They fail to see the impact they have, not only on themselves, but on those around them, and don’t believe they need to seek drug rehab. Others feel ashamed or embarrassed, and are too scared to ask for help. Certain family members can also be in denial of the drug abuse because they don’t want to admit the fact that things have changed and that their loved one needs help.

When someone is taking drugs, other family members lose the ability to trust them or count on them. It is difficult to believe in what they say or promise. They are too focused on getting and taking the drug to be accountable for anything. Many abandon their responsibilities, like school and work. They become more isolated from family and change their group of friends – associating with otherdrug addicts.

Fighting among family members occurs when the drug user’s behavior begins affecting their way of life. Those who live with them are directly affected. Drug addicts may say or do things that are hurtful, and cause those around them to feel ashamed and frustrated.

Other problems caused by drug abuse include:

  • Financial problems
  • Divorce
  • Legal problems
  • Loss of job
  • Child neglect
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Violence within and outside the home

Long-Lasting Effects of Drug Abuse

The effects of drug abuse can go beyond just the most immediate family members. Extended family members, coworker and neighbors can also be affected. Some may feel guilty, angry, anxious, scared, embarrassed and concerned for the drug user. They may even feel unsafe to the point where they believe legal actions must be taken to protect themselves against the addict’s irrational behavior or feel the need to cut all ties with them.

The effects of drug abuse can be generational. When trust and accountability is lost between a parent and a child, for example, that child may grow up mistrusting other adults or may be too possessive or controlling with their own children.

Family intervention or family therapy can be helpful sources and tools to use when dealing with a loved one who is abusing drugs. Substance abuse and mental health professionals can provide families with the appropriate guidance and techniques that allow for better communication and help to open the door to a healthier, drug-free future.

Everyday life can feel out of control when you or a family member is abusing drugs. Call Drug Treatment Centers Meriden today at (203) 242-8266 to start on the road to recovery.

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