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Meriden Drug Addiction Rehab

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recognizes drug and alcohol addiction as a mental illness, a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive and often uncontrollable cravings. The Meriden Drug Addiction Rehab understands the ramifications of addiction. When someone seeks and uses drugs despite the horrific side effects, they have a substance abuse problem.

Drug addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways, re-prioritizing the user’s basic needs and desires like making buying and using drugs more important than caring for loved ones. The addict’s own personal hygiene, as well as their eating and sleeping habits are compromised.

Drug addiction rehab and recovery is necessary to help the individual overcome the compulsive behavior and learn how to rejoin society. The professionals at Drug Treatment Centers Meriden understand the complexities of addiction. Call (203) 242-8266 for drug addiction rehab help today.

What to Expect with Treatment

The cornerstone for a successful recovery from drug and alcohol abuse is for the addict to participate in therapy sessions. There are behavioral therapies and vocational therapies. The behavioral therapies help the individual open up about the addiction, the circumstances for their first use, what is the addict’s daily life is like. A few of the therapy options for drug abuse and treatment include:

  • Medical Detoxification – addresses withdrawal symptoms to reduce relapse rates.
  • Individual sessions – the individual and a counselor will meet to discuss the abuse of drugs.
  • Group therapy – the individual is in a group with other individuals with an addiction problem. The newest member of the group quickly realizes they are not alone and there are others feeling and acting the same as them.
  • Family therapy – the addict and close family members will meet to discuss how the addict’s behavior has influenced them, and the addict will also be able to share their feelings with the group.
  • Relapse Prevention – following treatment, the addict will enter an aftercare program in order to stay on track.

In addition to behavioral therapy, there is also vocational therapy. The medical staff with the Drug Addiction Rehab works with the individual during all of these therapy sessions in order for them to recognize how their behavior affects others. The individual has to learn how to re-integrate themselves into the family and into society:

  • They learn how to fill idle time and boredom. Many addicts abuse substances because of an unfulfilled life or to fill a void. Through therapy, the addict will find new interests and develop new hobbies.
  • Their abuse on drugs means the family is disjointed. The addict will learn how to reinsert him or herself into the family dynamics through activities such as, preparing meals or cleaning the home.
  • They make new “abstinent’ friends and develop friendships based on something other than drinking or using drugs.

The staff at Drug Treatment Centers Meriden will work with the addict to build up confidence, plan how to overcome temptations and live drug free. Call (203) 242-8266 to begin recovery. When the recovered addict leaves treatment and recovery, he or she will be productive, useful, and ready to start a new life alcohol and drug free.

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