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Cocaine is an illegal drug that is widely available in U.S. cities, towns, suburbs and rural areas. It is a stimulant that rewires the brain’s neurotransmitters, blocking pain and causing an immediate feeling of euphoria, energy and excitement. Derived from the coca plant native to South America, cocaine abuse can cause serious health problems and damage to the brain. It is estimated that almost 9 percent of Connecticut citizens have reported cocaine abuse.

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Signs of Abuse

When someone is caught in the spiral of addiction to cocaine, they may begin to show certain signs and symptoms of drug abuse. Physical symptoms include dilated pupils, excitability, incoherent speech, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and bizarre or violent behavior. Since it can be snorted, smoked or injected, you may find drug paraphernalia such as a pipe, tourniquets, spoons or syringes.

Because the high from cocaine varies depending on the vehicle of administration, users begin to increase the dosage to counter the crash. Eventually, exhaustion, depression and irritability set in. Puncture wounds surrounding injection sites, skin infections or nasal and sinus damage are other signs of abuse.

Long-Term Effects of Cocaine Abuse

Years of cocaine abuse causes massive damage. Strokes, seizures, heart attacks, blood clots, kidney failure, undernourishment, and brain damage are only a few of the physical ailments that result. Habitual snorting of cocaine can cause users to lose their sense of smell; they may develop nosebleeds, runny nose or holes in their nasal septum due to the death of nasal tissue.

Taking the drug orally can cause severe intestinal problems because the blood cannot flow properly to the cells. Injecting cocaine causes an instant and longer-lasting high, which can also result in skin allergies and infections, as well as an increased chance for contracting blood diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C.

All cocaine abusers are vulnerable to sudden death. The damage done to social relationships and families is incalculable and only increases over time. Friendships, work relationships, marriages and the trust of brothers, sisters, children and parents are eroded and destroyed.

How We Can Help

Drug Treatment Centers Meriden specializes in all types of drug abuse treatment. Your recovery is the main focus. Expert, compassionate professionals will guide you through detoxification procedures that will cleanse your body of toxins. Counseling is available to help you discover the causes of your addiction.

The weeks that patients spend in drug abuse rehab are designed to provide coping strategies and motivation for gaining and maintaining a drug-free life.  These specialized programs mend minds, bodies, hearts and families in a supportive and individually-tailored manner.

Drug abuse and addiction do not have to rule your life or the lives of your loved ones. Don’t let cocaine abuse rule your life. Call (203) 242-8266, and start on the road to recovery today.

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