How to Quit Oxycodone Safely Meriden, CT

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Oxycodone is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic. It is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Oxycodone is known as causing dependence within days to weeks of consecutive use.

If you are taking Oxycodone for relieving pain purposes and have not developed dependence on it, giving up on it should not cause problems. However, if cases of regular dosing during days of weeks, stopping oxycodone cold turkey is not recommended. The body is already dependent on it, so you will experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it. Contact Meriden Drug Treatment Centers to learn more about Oxycodone withdrawal.

Impact of Oxycodone on brain in Meriden, CT

Oxycodone changes the way your brain works, including an area at the base of the brain-the locus cereleus (LC).  When opioid molecules link to mu receptors on brain cells in the LC, they suppress the release of noradrenaline, resulting in drowsiness, slowed respiration, and low blood pressure. With repeated exposure to opioids like oxycodone, however, the LC neurons adjust by increasing their level of activity. Now, when opioids are no longer present to suppress the LC brain cells’ enhanced activity, the LC neurons release excessive amounts of noradrenaline, triggering the jitters, anxiety, muscle cramps, and diarrhea that are associated with opiate withdrawal.

Quitting Oxycodone suddenly

It is not recommended to stop using oxycodone suddenly. The withdrawal symptoms are rough. Seek out medical supervised withdrawal with either opioid or non-opioid medications to help you manage the symptoms.

How to quit Oxycodone safely?

Stop taking Oxycodone gradually until you are able to quit. Specialists recommend to taper off the dose on a weekly basis: every one or two weeks by 10%, depending on the level of addiction. However, medications such as Clonidine can help you manage more persistent or intense symptoms of withdrawal. Plus, supplemental medications, such as antidepressants to manage irritability, sleep disturbance or anti-epileptics for neuropathic pain may also be helpful. If you develop signs or symptoms of withdrawal, the dose should be raised to the previous level and lowered more slowly, either by increasing the interval between decreases, decreasing the amount of change in dose, or both. Call Drug Treatment Centers Meriden at (203) 242-8266 to get the help you need!

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