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Cocaine is an illicit drug that acts on our brain and our nervous system. Cocaine can be as addictive as other illicit drugs, including morphine, heroin, and alcohol. It produces such positive feelings like euphoria and a high. After heavy use of the drug the body and brain adapt to the presence of cocaine in his or her system. Hence, that person’s brain and body will need cocaine to function normally.  If an individual will lower the dose, or will abruptly stop the use of cocaine, that person might experience withdrawal symptoms. Contact Drug Treatment Centers Meriden to learn more about cocaine use and abuse.

Symptoms of withdrawal Meriden, CT

Cocaine withdrawal symptoms occur within hours after someone stops to use the drug.

The severity of the symptoms will depend on the length of time that someone used cocaine and on the amount. Most people who are withdrawing from cocaine may experience mood changes, irritability, agitation or anxiety. After the feeling of well-being wears off, one might experience depression.

Cocaine withdrawal may cause sleep problems. The addict might have vivid dreams and nightmares. One can sleep too much or may be unable to fall asleep. While withdrawing from cocaine, a person may also have an increased appetite, suicidal thoughts, and blurred thinking.

How to treat cocaine withdrawal?


The doctor will prescribe some drugs that will help reduce cravings, prevent relapse and restore one’s brain functions. Hence, the doctor will prescribe to the addict such medicine as antidepressants, sedatives, antianxiety or hypnotic medicine.

Behavior treatment

This type of treatment will help addicts to cope and to manage cocaine withdrawal symptoms. Behavior treatment can teach them how to control their cravings, to conquer their fear and prevent relapse.

Counseling groups

People can join a program or support group that will help them deal with their addiction. Joining these meetings and discussing their worries and problems may increase the addict’s chances of recovery.

If you are struggling with cocaine addiction, it is important to seek help, contact Drug Treatment Centers Meriden at (203) 242-8266. Don’t let drug addiction bring you down!



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