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Drug Treatment Centers Meriden (203) 242-8266

Drug abuse and misuse has devastating consequences on the users, their families and the communities where they live. Drug Treatment Centers Meriden understands the nature of addiction; Call (203) 242-8266. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, scientists have developed a new breath test to detect marijuana use, similar to the Breathalyzer, which detects alcohol use.

More and more businesses across the country are starting to enforce employer drug testing. Since more than nine percent of Americans have used illicit drugs in the last month, these individuals need to begin Drug Rehab and Drug Detox. When someone develops a tolerance to drugs, it causes long-term effects to the brain.

When someone has a drug problem, they feel like they are alone, but there is help. Drug Treatment Centers Meriden provides experienced professionals to help anyone with a drug and alcohol addiction problem. The first step towards drug abuse rehabilitation is admitting there is a problem. Call (203) 242-8266 and take a giant step toward a successful future free of drugs.

Warning Signs of Addiction

Recognizing the warning signs associated with drug addiction can help the individual or their family members know there is a problem that requires attention and treatment. Wanting to avoid an overdose or experiencing the harsh side effects of using drugs can be a strong motivation for some. There are dozens of severe side effects related to drug abuse, including:

  • Hallucinations that cause the individual to act irrationally.
  • Rapid heart rate that may lead to a heart attack or stroke.
  • Poor judgment, which causes the individual to make irrational decisions that could be life-altering.
  • Poor muscle control can put them at risk of fall down a flight of steps or hitting their head.

Drugs are mind-altering substances responsible for impairing the addict’s mental and physical abilities. In some cases the individual with an addiction problem will be ‘scared straight’ in order to admit to an addiction problem, and generate the necessary willpower to seek treatment. The staff with Drug Treatment Centers Meriden understands and is ready to help, call (203) 242-8266.

What to Expect with Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, “Alcohol use disorders effect almost 18 million people in the U.S.” Chronic alcohol consumption and drug use and abuse leads to a shift in how the brain adapts to complex decision-making situations. Because drinking alcohol is socially acceptable, many people have not acknowledged to having a drinking problem.

Even though illicit drug use is against the law and lethal, these individuals deny having a substance abuse problem. Substance abuse affects the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for impulse control, as well as thought process, and decision-making abilities . Although addiction is dangerous and the cravings seem unmanageable, recovery is possible. Call (203) 242-8266 to begin a recovery program with Drug Treatment Centers Meriden today.

Our Meriden, Connecticut Drug Rehab and Drug Detox provides several phases of treatment:

  • Intake session – a counselor meets with the individual to learn more about their addiction problems.
  • Drug detox – the individual rids their body of all drugs and alcohol.
  • Therapy sessions – includes family therapy and one-on-one sessions with a professional with the Drug Treatment Center.
  • Relapse prevention – provides the individual with the tools and knowledge necessary to avoid a relapse.

Therapy helps the individual with the addiction problem and their family in order for everyone to recover from drug addiction.

Understanding Addiction

Addiction is a brain disease. The brain is an intricate maze of connections that keep the body functioning properly. Drug and alcohol abuse cause the brain transmitters to fail, which results in long-lasting effects. Most people do not realize how extensive and damaging drug abuse is to their bodies. Our Meriden Drug Rehab Facility helps people with a substance abuse problem become free of drugs and works to repair the damage caused by their addiction. Call (203) 242-8266 to begin rehabilitation today.

Everyone who uses drugs believes they are in control and can quit whenever they please. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible unless they admit to having a problem and seek help fromDrug Treatment Centers Meriden. Because their body is so accustomed to the drug and the way it makes them feel, they crave more and more each time. Instead of stopping, they use more drugs or add other types of substances to help counter the cravings. More than 100,000 people die each year due to abuse of drugs.

When someone has a drug abuse and misuse problem, it makes more sense for people to refer to this person as an addict rather than by name. Those individuals are not the people they were before the disease of addiction took over. These individuals need addiction treatment from the medical staff with the Drug Treatment Centers Meriden.

Call (203) 242-8266 to begin the road to recovery. The professional and experienced staff with Drug Treatment Centers Meriden is equipped to handle all types of drug addiction.

About Meriden, CT

Meriden is a small city in New Haven County, CT, home to 60,000 residents. The City of Meriden settled in the early 1700s but not incorporated until 100 years later. Meriden offers golf courses, public parks, hiking trails and a lake, and several annual events: the Augusta Curtis Concert Band, Meriden pizza wars, summer concerts, a live auction and an appreciation reception.

One piece of trivia: the movie Jackknife, starring Robert De Niro, was filmed in Meriden.

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